Carrefour Romania: Bringo Delivery

BRINGO provides a unitary shopping experience – a personal service with national coverage, 90 minutes delivery at the door, or within 3 hours, with Click & Collect from the store, products at the same price as in store and assisted shopping.

My role

As Product Manager of Bringo, my role was to improve the existent processes in order to better the delivery of new features, as well as help improve the growth KPIs.


  • Helped the IT Digital Department implement unified documentation across all 6 IT components that covered Digital Platforms.
  • Increased clarity by organizing all the documentation for the 6 Bringo applications (web, iOS, Android, Sales, Accounting, and Delivery).
  • Prioritized and managed 73 projects for the 2021 Roadmap using the RICE prioritization framework and JIRA.

Lessons learned

  • How to utilize my natural "connector" abilities to strengthen my network and connect with MDs and veterans of industry.
  • How to approach a multi-sided platform and make sure you're solving for the correct side, aka "When the user feels X, the business feels Y".
  • How to cross-work with multiple technology vendors (technical architects, developers, technical analyst) and internal stakeholders (Business analysts, Product owners)