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I'm a Product Manager transitioned from sales. I'm putting my skills in leading, communicating and time, people and resource management into IT projects that improve the quality of life and make the world a better place (even if in a small way).

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Project Management

The work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast and perform well with a seamless UX.

Marketing Automation

Technical implementation of marketing solutions: Chatbots; Files; Web scraping; Word, Excel and PDF Documents; Email; GUI automation.

Business Analytics

Technologies and practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance.


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Future Minds Fund

Project Management


Product Management

Bullet Point Adder


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Web Development
CSS, JavaScript, HTML

Fresh Food Factory

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Flutter (Dart)

I am so lucky that I had Adrian as my mentor, I've learned so much and I am still learning. He has a solution for every problem you could think of. He is detail-oriented, patient, understanding, incredibly knowledgeable, and rational. Always excited to share his knowledge with new people entering the field and take his role seriously in teaching his knowledge to others. I have to mention how great his personality is and always positive energy he is spreading around coworkers.

Jelena Odalovic

Customer Support Manager at ScholarshipOwl

It’s been great working with Adrian as a manager. He was always there to answer any of questions that we had and to quickly solve any problems. It is great to work with someone not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in employee’s profesional growth.

Anica Konstantinovic

Sales Representative at ScholarshipOwl

From the first day Adrian joined our team as a Product Manager he has shown himself as an inspiring leader with strong product vision. His ability to quickly learn new domains, analyze clients needs and prioritize tasks, help our team to always have a structured vision of where we are heading. If there is any new challenging or ongoing product I would without a doubt trust Adrian to take a leadership on it.

Darya Tarasevich

UX/UI Designer

Adrian is one of kind. He is diligent, detail orientated and a true friend to work with. He is a compassionate person to be around, and passionate about his work. He doesn't hold back and will do what he needs to get the job done, well. Adrian is highly adaptable (can work with everyone from the CEO, to Dev, to Marketing - we can be difficult - and Support), an effective, encouraging and supportive leader with efficiency in his timing.

Melanie Amini

Co-Founder at Gossip Media

Emilija Urdar

He's the best!

Emilija Urdar